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Faculty Members

Dr. Sunita Farkya

M.Sc., M.Phil,Ph.D
Professor and Head
Specialisation :Plant Biotechnology, Biological Control of weeds, Production of Secondary metabolites.
Phone/EPABX No. 011-26561742/223, Email: sfarkya@gmail.com

Dr. Dinesh Kumar

M.Sc., Ph.D
Professor, Dean (Research)
Specialisation : Zoology with specialization in Cytogenetics and Human Population Genetics,
Phone/EPABX No. 559, Email: ggupta.ncert@nic.in

Dr. A. K. Wazalwar

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialisation : Algebra (Semigroups), Mathematics Education
Phone/EPABX No. 212, Email: ashutoshmaths@gmail.com

Dr. R.K. Parashar

M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.Tech. (Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis & Control), Ph. D.(Chemistry), M.A (Education)
Specialisation : Chemistry Education
Phone/EPABX No. 211, Email: rkp.ncert@gmail.com

Dr. Vijay Pal Singh

Professor (Head DEK)
Email: vp.sing@ncert.nic.in

Dr. Anjni Koul

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Specialisation: Chemistry Education, Science Education
Phone/EPABX No. 219, Email: anjnikoul@yahoo.com

Dr. Rachna Garg

M.Sc., Ph.D.(Physics)
Specialisation : Physics Education, Educational Technology
Phone/EPABX No. 215, Email: gargrachna@gmail.com

Ms. Ruchi Verma

Specialisation : Organic Chemistry
Phone/EPABX No. 601, Email: ruchi_verma_1973@yahoo.com

Dr. T. P. Sarma

M.Sc., Ph.D.(Mathematics)
Specialization: Mathematics Education, Non-linear Dynamical System, Space Dynamics
Phone/EPABX No. 228, Email: tpsarma@yahoo.com, tpsncert@gmail.com

Dr. Gagan Gupta

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Specialisation : Lasers, Physics, Science Education, and Science Popularisation
Phone/EPABX No. 209, Email: ggupta.ncert@nic.in

Dr. Chochong Vareichung Shimray

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Specialisation : Thrips Biodiversity.
Phone/EPABX No. 558, Email: cshimray@gmail.com

Dr. Pushp lata Verma

M.Sc., NET (JRF)
Associate Professor
Specialisation : Entomology, Environmental Science
Phone/EPABX No. 210, Email: latavijay2010@gmail.com

Dr. Pramila Tanwar

Associate Professor
Specialization- Inorganic Chemistry, solar energy
Phone/EPABX No. 556, Email: pramilatanwar@ymail.com

Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava

M.Sc, D. Phil
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Science Education, Spectroscopy, Ultrasonics
Phone/EPABX No. 227, Email: ashish.ncert@nic.in