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The department has well equipped Biology, Chemistry laboratory, Physics laboratory and Mathematics laboratory.

Instructional Material Centre

The Instructional Material Centre (IMC) of the department undertakes collection and dissemination of information on all aspects of Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education.

Centre for Popularization of Science

For popularisation of Science, the department has developed Science Park, Herbal Garden and Activity Room under an ongoing programme 'Centre for popularisation of Science'. Science Park is an open air park in which working models provide a hands-on experience to students, teachers, teacher-educators, and other educational functionaries to understand certain selected principles of science. Herbal Garden has been developed with the aim to make general public appreciate the concerns related with the herbal plants about their medicinal uses, eco-consciousness, etc. Presently it has nearly seventy five medicinal plants. Activity Room is used to explain and demonstrate how low cost activities can be performed in class rooms in order to learn concepts of science and mathematics in a fun way and easy manner. It is envisaged that these centres would motivate educational planners, administrators and principals of schools to develop similar centres in their respective organisations for which NCERT is always willing to provide necessary guidance and expertise. Under the programme‘Centre for popularisation of Science’, talks on popular science, screening of video-programmes and celebration of events such as Science Day, Environment Day, Mathematics Day are also organised.