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National Library of Educational & Psychological Tests :

The National Library of Educational and Psychological Tests (NLE&PT) came into existence in 1978 on the recommendation of the International Congress of Applied Psychology and was formerly known as the National Test Development Library (NTDL). The main purpose of the library is to procure Educational and Psychological Tests and related literature and extend library services for use by researchers and professional across the country. The major areas covered in Education and Psychology are Intelligence, Ability and Aptitude, Personality, Achievement, Learning, Interest, Creativity, Self-Concept/Self Esteem, Attitude, Counselling and Guidance etc. Reference needs for testing in areas of Child Development, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Management, Social Work etc. are also available in the library. The library is located in the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education, 5th Floor, G.B.Pant Block, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016.

Catalogue/Bulletins/Publications :

The Test Library houses several published/unpublished educational and psychological tests, bulletins, publications and resource materials and is continuously enriched by procuring latest Indian and Foreign tests in these areas.

A classified catalogue of tests which includes the name of the test, author, year of publication and publishers.

  • Intelligence Bulletin.
  • Personality Bulletin.
  • Interest and Attitude Bulletin.
  • Aptitude Bulletin.
  • Intelligence and Creativity Bulletin.
  • Indian Mental Measurement Handbook (Intelligence and Aptitude Test).
  • Handbook of Value Attitude, Interest Measurement in India.
  • Handbook of Personality Measurement in India.
Rules and Regulations
  • Priced or unpriced test material is only for reference and hence is not allowed to be photocopied or taken out of the library.
  • Only bonafide users are allowed to use the library, hence one is required to either produce a reference letter from a competent authority or his/her identity card.
The library functions on all working days (Monday - Friday) from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.